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IRL-KERRYCounty Kerry, Ireland.Ireland, Kerry
KERRYA mailing list for the discussing and sharing of information regarding the Kerry surname and variations in any place and at any time. KERRY
Bearagenealogy and history of the Berehaven Peninsula, Counties Cork and Kerry, Ireland.Ireland
CLAN-CAREYthe Clan CAREY surnames (e.g., Carey, Cary, Carry, Carrie, Carew, Kerry, Kery, Kerrie, Kerey and the Ancient Spellings of O'Chairda and O'Cairdha)Scotland
HERLIHYA mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Herlihy surname and variations (e.g., Herelehy, Herelihy, Herihily, Heriley, Herily, Herlahy, Herlehay, Herleher, Herlehey, Herlehy, Herleihy, Herlighy, Herlihan, Herlihen, Herlihey, Hierlehy, Hierley, Hurlihy, O'Heirlihy, O'Herlihy). While the list will focus on connecting all of the Herlihys from County Cork and County Kerry, Ireland, all Herlihy researchers and family members are welcome. HERLIHY

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