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VATIDEWATERTidewater area of Virginia.USA, Virginia
VAROOTSGenealogy in the State of Virginia.USA, Virginia
VIRGINIA-INDIAN-SURNAMESA mailing list for anyone who is researching the surnames of the indians of Virginia. USA, VirginiaEthnic-Native
WVPENDLEthe Pendleton County area of West Virginia, including Augusta, Rockingham, and Highland Counties, Virginia, and Hardy County, West Virginia.USA, West Virginia, Pendleton
VAFINCASThe defunct county of Fincastle, Virginia.USA, Virginia, Fincastle
VAWISEWise County, Virginia.USA, Virginia, Wise
BLOSSfor families named BLOSS or BLOSE families are found in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, New York and elsewhere.BLOSS
WVTYLERTyler County, West Virginia.USA, West Virginia, Tyler
WVHAMPSHHampshire County, West Virginia.USA, West Virginia, Hampshire
VAFLOYDFloyd County, Virginia.USA, Virginia, Floyd
VAWBTSVETSthe Virginia veterans of the War Between the States.USA, VirginiaMilitary: US Civil War
VABOTETOBotetourt County, Virginia.USA, Virginia, Botetourt
VAPATRICPatrick County, Virginia.USA, Virginia, Patrick
WVMERCERMercer County, West Virginia.USA, West Virginia, Mercer
RIVER-JAMESthe families that settled along the James River, Virginia, during the 1600's.USA, Virginia
VACALEXAthe City of Alexandria, Virginia.USA, Virginia, City of Alexandria
WV-BIODiscussing biographical sources and the sharing of biographies in West Virginia. USA, West Virginia
VAMATHEWMathews County, Virginia.USA, Virginia, Mathews
WVAthe state of West Virginia.USA, West Virginia
ROANOKE_CO_VARoanoke County, Virginia.USA, Virginia, Roanoke
WVCLAYClay County, West Virginia.USA, West Virginia, Clay
VABRUNSWBrunswick County, Virginia.USA, Virginia, Brunswick
VACHARLECharles City County, Virginia.USA, Virginia, Charles City
VAGREENEGreene County, Virginia.USA, Virginia, Greene

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